Heather Faison

Girls advocate using technology to accelerate change

My father was wrong.

He said at one point after my rash decision to forego an opportunity to study engineering for journalism that I would regret it. To me, it was a decision driven by the need to bring visibility to marginalized people by sharing their stories. 

I believe digital tools can and should be used to disrupt the status quo. It’s what inspires me as a storyteller, graphic designer and girls advocate.

I’ve worn many hats in my career - proofing ink-stained pages as a copyeditor; teaching young women in West Africa how to tell their stories using social media; building viral online campaigns for the United Nations, corporate brands, and celebrities.

At Google, I spend everyday thinking about the next 1 billion people coming online and how we can democratize access to apps, tools, and networks.

My experiences boil down to these truths:

• Technology is only revolutionary if everyone has access
• Be kind to everyone you meet
• Innovation is a community act
• Everyone has a story

HU (You know!)

Email heather.faison@gmail.com to talk about my NCAA bracket or techie stuff.